Work Days
May 14, May 15 (PT), June 11, June 12 (MX)
July 16, July 17 (PT), August 20, August 21 (MX)
Sept. 10, Sept. 17 (HC), Sept 19 (HC), Oct. 1
Oct. 2 (Picnic/MX), Oct. 30 (Toys 4 Tots), Nov. 5, Nov. 6 (HS)
Start time is 9:00; if it's raining or a mud pit, no need
to show. Feel free to call if it's questionable.

If you cannot make a scheduled work day, you can go out
on your own and mow, run a weed eater, empty trash barrels,
clean trails, paint, the list goes on. Just let an
officer know after you've been there.

Members only MX races
June 12, August 21 and October 2 with the picnic.
There will be a $10 charge per class to race.
There will be trophies and plaques.
$1 a head to get in.
All riders must be members to participate. If someone
intends to join the day of the event and are
under 18, a parent must sign the membership
form beforehand.

Prepped Track Days
May 15 and July 17
$10 per class to ride, 20 minutes or so at a time
and the classes will cycle thru the day until
everyone is tired or it's dark.

September 17 & 18

Toys for Tots Ride
Oct. 30.
Raised over $1200 that all went to kids needing
a boost during the holidays.

Hare Scramble
November 7