KCDR Celebrates 40 years this year!
If you have some old- and new- photos of members,
we would like to make a display. Please dig them
out and let an officer know or email them to the website.

Helmets are required!
The road in front of the club house and track is a slow zone.
Wheels on the ground and no dust.
The dam is off limits. Please remind your guests.
When riding on the track, stay in your line. Tell the younger ones
not to make cuts to the side just because another rider is approaching.
Be careful entering the track. Remind the younger riders
to look before entering the track.

The southwest corner of woods that we ride on belongs to Jeff Pierce. He
may install a fence on the north side of his property with gates that allow
riders to access the woods. He may run cattle in there at times
so if the gates are shut, it's off limits until he opens the gates.

If you have suggestions or comments email
 If you have pictures, video, news, or something  you would like added to the calendar... email them.